Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Update on Doug's dad

Doug just called. Jim is out of surgery and everything went fine. Doug and Barbara will get to see Jim in a half hour after the anesthesia wears off, but they said Jim probably won't even remember.

The doctors will keep Jim in ICU for 24 hours to monitor him. This is a critical time and what happens now will tell the doctors how he is recovering. Some time tomorrow afternoon he will get into his room. After then, they will have a better idea of when he gets to go home to Chillicothe.

Barbara and Doug are staying in the hotel (Embassy Suites) again tonight. Barbara is doing well, but as you can imagine, is exhausted. It sounds like they are going to see Jim at 4:30 and then head back to the hotel. They go back to the hospital in the morning.

All of your prayers and well wishes are appreciated. I know Barbara will enjoy reading them when she gets back online.

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Anonymous said...

I was pleased to read that Jim is out of surgury and is on the road to recovery.

My good wishes go to you and your family and please give an extra big hug and lots of encouragement to Doug and his mom.