Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday evening update on Jim

Just talked to Doug. He sounds exhausted and I know Barbara is, but the good news is that everything seems to be going well for Jim. He got out of ICU and into his own room about mid-afternoon. Doug said the color is coming back to his face, although he's still pretty groggy. They think he'll be heading back to Chillicothe Sunday or Monday.

The plan is that Barbara and Doug will stay at the Embassy Suites tonight and tomorrow night and will head back to Chillicothe Saturday. They need to get some errands done in town and get a few other things done. They'll spend the night at the house Saturday and drive back to KC Sunday. Doug has a 9 a.m. flight home on Sunday. I know things must be going well for Jim as Barbara is being her usual "we don't want to be a bother" self and is insisting that Doug sticks to his flight plans (when in reality we just booked a return flight because we had to and knew we could change it). Given that this blog has significantly increased the number of readers from Chillicothe, I'm sure Barbara will get plenty of help if she needs it once she gets home.

One thing Doug told me is that Barbara is going to have to start chauffeuring around Jim while he's in the back seat. Evidently with all the front-passenger airbags and safety equipment, they don't want heart patients to sit in the front seat in case of a wreak and the airbag is deployed. Let's hope this doesn't have to last too long, as I don't see Barbara taking kindly to Jim being a back seat driver. Poor Barbara! Jim will insist she back into every parking space!

If/when Doug calls tomorrow, I will try to do an update. In the meantime, no news is good news, meaning Jim is doing well in his recovery.

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Anonymous said...

So good to hear good news from the 3 in K.C. I watch your site for updates. Thanks for keeping us in Chillicothe updated on the 3 characters in K.C. Kay