Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Florist recommendation

This is for the folks from Chillicothe who are looking for updates on Jim. If you are thinking about sending flowers to the hospital, I recommend Westport Floral Designs at 866-391-7673. I just spoke to John, the owner, and he was very friendly and helpful. He actually had a better timeframe of what was going on than Doug, because he deals with it every day. He thought Jim would be out of surgery around lunch time, would then be in recovery and ICU. It might be late tonight or the morning before he gets to his room. However, they will get the flowers to him once a room number is assigned. Also, you will want to send the flowers to James D. (Jim) French, as I'm not sure if he is checked in as James or Jim. HIPPA regulations won't allow the hospital to give out patient's names, so if you send it to Jim French and he's checked in as James, they will say he's not there (I'm sure it's the same if you make any phone calls).

Anyway, I'm huge on customer service, as folks who know me will attest. Whenever I find someone good, I like to funnel business their way. This guy really impressed me.

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