Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Doug's dad

We got word this morning that Doug's dad will have to undergo heart bypass surgery in the morning. I was able to get Doug on an afternoon flight to Kansas City, using our frequent flyer miles. Unfortunately I won't be able to go because of my thesis deadline. Doug thinks it would be too difficult revising drafts in the hospital.

I'm still not sure all the details with his father, but will keep readers posted as I know. In the meantime, I need to drive Doug to the hospital to catch his flight.


Anonymous said...

Hey Doug's Dad, Now don't you fret about Canada, it's not going anywhere and just because you may miss their Spring, Summer & Fall (which tends to hit during the second week of July) it's always nice to visit in Winter....Just plug in the car overnight. And be glad you weren't up there when you got to feeling worse and you'd have to see what Canadian medicine is all about. Did someone say they sell inferior prescription drugs or was that just a blog somewhere...I have nothing against Canada mind you, just an ex-husband I left behind there. Hope you feel better real soon and make that trip north! T from Austin

Anonymous said...

Hi Dara,
I am Barbara's school teaching friend and will be watching your site for postings about Jim. Thanks for keeping us up to date about him. Kay