Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Blueberry explosion

"Doug! Come into the kitchen, please!" It's morning and he's still in bed. "What do you need?" he groggly moans. "Just come into the kitchen, please, now," I answer. He walks into the kitchen and sees why I'm yelling at. "Holy sh#*," was all he could say. Our kitchen is covered in blueberries.

As I wrote the other day, we decided to try our hand at making blueberry wine. Monday night we crushed the berries, placing 6 lbs. of crushed blueberries in each of three 1 gallon glass carboys. We then added camden tablets to kill any wild yeast that might be on the berries. Last night we started the fermentation process by adding 2 lbs. of raw sugar to each carboy and then adding our yeast. Each carboy got a different type of yeast, as we were experimenting with the recipes. The carboys were definitely full, but Doug thought it might be okay. Usually wine is not that active.

Unfortunately, this recipe, given to us by the blueberry farmer, was very active. As he was cleaning this morning, Doug decided to place the carboys in the shower that we don't use much, so that if they explode, they will be contained and easier to clean. Of course, they exploded again today. It looks like thus far we've lost half of each gallon of wine.

Of course, we are trying to laugh about this, but we are still finding spots of blueberry juice on the ceiling, carpet, and the dogs' paws.


Debbie Buie said...

I hear there is a sale on berry blue
paint at Lowes this weekend!!

I think your kitchen will be beautiful
in blue!!

Debbie :)

dquack said...

We're actually going for the polka dot look. We thought white with little purple dots would look funky and cool. :-)