Friday, July 29, 2005

Yankee or Dixie?

Are you a little more Yankee or a little more Dixie? Take this test and find out. I'm sure it surprises no one that I'm 100% Dixie. I think I was in college before I figured out that the crayfish that we dissected in class were the same things as the crawdads we hunted in the creek as a kid.

Be sure to post your score in the comments.


dquack said...

I think there is a bias, despite supposedly being based on a Harvard survey.

A 0 (zero) is a Yankee while a 100% is Southern.

BTW: I was 75% Southern, despite NOT watching Nascar, NOT dating a sibling, or NOT liking fried catfish.

dquack said...

But you do live in Texas, do like fried pickles and did sop up your meat juice with white bread. Give me a few more years and I will turn you into 100% Dixie!

Charlie LIndahl said...

Score for Charlie Lindahl (Houston,TX, originally from Ann Arbor, MI):

58% (Dixie). Barely into the Dixie category.

Anonymous said...

I'm 26%, meaning only a slightly contaminated
Yankee!! Just goes to prove that you can
take a Yankee out of the North, but you can never
take the North out of a true Yankee,
despite not having lived there in 15+ years!!

Being that it was a survey from Hahvid (yes,
that *is* how you pronounce it), I'm
shocked that they didn't include things like
"What's a packie run?" and "What is your
favorite adjective: (a)wicked;(b)wicked pissa;
(c)mint; (d)sweet" and "To 'bang a right'

Yes, we did win the war.........