Thursday, July 21, 2005

See how "We Care"

One thing about being a contractor, you get paid good money, but you get paid sporadically. Blanc & Otus is better than most and I usually receive a check in the mail around the 20th of the month, for the entire previous month. June was a very busy month, so I have been anxiously awaiting my check. I'm thinking "we can pay off the Intrepid" while Doug is thinking "we can put it in savings in case the job at Cisco doesn't work out."

Well it came today. Or should I say that half of it came. In a plastic envelope from the San Francisco post office. Across the top it reads in big letters, WE CARE. The envelope goes on to read how the post office "makes every effort to properly handle the mail..." but that "...occasional damage may occur." It talks about how it handles more than 8 million pieces of mail and that sometimes the automation machinery jams and mail is damaged. They are sorry for any inconvenience they have caused me.

There is just something about the pat answer and the tone of the envelope that irks me. I don't think it would have been a big deal if it were a bill or junk mail, but this check is so badly damaged that it doesn't have the routing number or signature on the check. There is no way I can deposit it, which means that the San Francisco office has to cut another cut. Luckily we can wait on it, but still... I know that if a postal worker had to wait on his/her monthly paycheck because it was damaged, that worker would go postal! Saying "We care, but what do you expect, just deal with it" doesn't seem to cut it.

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