Sunday, July 31, 2005

Hell with sinking ships, loose lips land Doug in dog house.

This had been a great weekend, probably the best since the return from Hawaii in May. I decided to blow off the 10 hours of work that I brought home and enjoy the weekend. Dara and I headed into the Hill Country on a day trip on Saturday.

Dara was at her Southern Belle best and teased me that I had never had fried green tomatoes. I was Jonesing for bacon and tomato sandwiches, so at an orchard's roadside stand, we picked up huge tomatoes and I was guilted into going back and purchasing 4 green tomatoes to go along with the 4 huge Heritage ones purchased previously.

Sunday morning, Dara cooked a wonderful omelet for breakfest, complete with artichokes, kalomata olives, swiss and feta cheeses, diced onions, garlic and spinach. For a sauce dara mixed sour cream, pesto and an avocado I had sliced up. It was complete decadence.

I fired up the smoker about 10:00 to smoke a brisket for dinner, as well as to have left overs for lunches next week. We were able to get brisket on sale for only $1.99 a pound Saturday and after 6-8 hours of smoking will make for some outstanding sandwiches next week.

For lunch Dara fried the green tomatoes and I cut the tomatoes and fried the bacon for sandwiches. Dara talked me into cutting up another avocado to go over the bacon and tomato sandwiches. It added an interesting twist to the classic.

Unlike some of the other Southern foods Dara has introduced me to, such as fried pickles, this wasn't a hit. I have a goal to try at least one new dish or restaurant each week and this was one of several culinary experiences for the week. The fried green tomatoes were certainly edible and possessed an interesting tartness from the tomato that contrasted nicely with the bread crumb coating Dara used when frying. However, we agreed that it wasn't an "Oh, WOW" type of experience.

Unfortunately, I didn't stop while ahead. Dara asked me if I wanted to add the left over fried green tomatoes to the brisket meals for lunch next week.

What my brain was thinking was that this can't be good to reheat in the microwave. What my mouth said was "I don't think reheating is going to improve it any."

DAMN!!!!!!! I just insulted the culinary traditions of the Southern Belles of Dixie. I might as well have said that glue factory nags run at the Kentucky Derby, demolition derby junkers race at Talladega, Vespa's are better than Harley's, or that Southerners don't know how to BBQ, because they don't use Tofu.

I am now held in lower esteem than Charles Manson, all because of Fried Green Tomatoes.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, you are related to your mother. I like a lot of fried things - eggplant, zucchini, etc., but NO fried green tomatoes.

We had bacon and fresh tomato sandwiches last night - would be the dish I requested if I were ever on death row!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you two...good to know I'm not the only one who abandoned all common sense about diet this week...

dquack said...

Fortunately I only had 2 slices of fried green tomatoes and Doug had 4. Unfortunately we fried up 4 whole tomatoes. I had asked for only 2 tomatoes but the guy gave us 4 (and really we could have just had 1). I was feeling like we were wasting food, but neither of us really liked them.