Saturday, July 02, 2005

Vive le Lance!

Today was the start of the final Tour de France for Austinite Lance Armstrong. Twenty-four days of riding close to 100 miles a day through all types of conditions and tackling some of pretty steep mountain climbs. Today was a time trial and while it was straight and flat, it was very windy. Lance finished 2 seconds behind the winner. I watched the pre-show and just seeing the replay of last year's Alpe d'Huez stage and seeing Lance battle not just the mountain but the crowd of almost a million spectators who were standing on the road, makes you realize why Lance is such a great athlete.

I really hope that Lance makes this Tour lucky number seven. There is an audio clip that they like playing on the radio. It is from the 2003 Tour and it is a French man, a racing fan, and he states matter of factly, "Lance comes, he wins."

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