Sunday, July 03, 2005

The next big break-through band

The other day my sister asked where she and her husband should go in Austin on Sunday night if they wanted to hear some good music and drink good beer. The answer is the Haake Ranch in Seguin (pronounced Sah Gheen), which is where we spent our afternoon and evening.

Our friends Paul & Paula invited us out to Paul's dad's place for a 4th of July celebration. It's about 75 minutes from Austin, unless you take the scenic route, which we did. Paula's sister Claudia came, bringing her youngest son, and some other friends and neighbors were there as well. Doug brought out two partial kegs of beer, which were excellent. Herman, Paul's dad, cooked the best brisket (or at least the most moist) I think I've ever tasted. There were plenty of fresh veggies and sides to go around. Eventually Paul and his dad brought out the guitar and banjo and played for us. You just can't help to smile when you hear banjo music. I actually think they are good enough to get some gigs if they wanted.

The only thing was that it was hot -- today's temperature reached 100. Since we brought the dogs, I stayed outside with them, but Paula brought a couple of fans, and sitting on the porch wasn't too bad. Still, I drank way more water than beer, just to stay hydrated. The dogs enjoyed the farm, but did keep looking inside Herman's house, wishing they could enjoy the air conditioning. They slept the entire way home.

We had a great time. Herman said we should come back in the fall, when it is really nice. I can't wait!

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