Sunday, July 10, 2005

Weekend update

This afternoon I caught Dante in a candid moment. He was outside in the 99-degree heat, sunning himself. He actually was rolling around on his back, but stopped before I could snap a photo. It's interesting to think about the secret life of our pets -- what they do when we aren't watching them.

We did absolutely nothing this weekend. We've both been sick -- Doug has been sick for the last 10 days, and I started coming down with it Thursday. Just sinus-type gunk, but not allergies. We had thought about seeing our friend Paul to see how he was recovering from his cancer surgery, but decided we better not as we didn't want to give him anything. So Doug played online poker most of the weekend and I've spent most of my time reading or watching movies. We saw the remake of Stepford Wives on tv last night -- that was one rotten movie.

This will be a busy week. My office is moving downtown on Thursday. Friday night Doug & I are volunteering at the Zachary Scott Theatre. I'm just hoping I can breathe by then.

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