Friday, July 29, 2005

Riding the storm out

We normally don't get a lot of rain in Austin -- summer or otherwise. But lately we've had some very weird flash thunderstorms and the one this afternoon was a doozey. This tree was one the the things we loved best about our backyard. It shaded the house, allowed privacy from our neighbors behind us, who, because of the slope of the field between us can see into our backyard. It was also one of the largest trees around and according to our neighbor, one of the few original trees from when they cleared the land for the housing development.

Funny thing is, it wasn't like there was a big crash or anything when it fell. The storm was loud with booming thunder. Normally you don't get a lot of that here -- usually there is just rain. But the monster thunder had Allegra scared, and since I didn't want to be on the computer and the satellite was out, we crawled into bed so that she could cuddle. I'm looking at the blinds and can see the play of the shadows and then they weren't there. I got up to take a look and that's when I saw it. My heart was broken as I loved that tree. We used to have a swing under the tree and we liked to take a glass of wine out there. We've been talking about putting a deck in that corner but were trying to figure out how to design around the tree.

For as sad as we both are for losing it, we are at least glad that it didn't land on the house or do more damage to the roof. And we are glad the storm wasn't worse. It sounded a lot bigger than it was. Allegra hid in the bathroom for awhile but she's okay now.


Anonymous said...

Quick! Plant another tree! Start now, and in about 25 years, you'll have your shade back!

Deepest sympathy at the passing of your shade tree. I know it's a terrible blow. I'm still upset about the loss of the huge tree that used to shade the family plots at the Edinburg Cemetery.

Anonymous said...

DAra, did you already have the tree hauled off? I don't know if it's too late now, but we had our tree in the front bolted back together at a split. THey use some big machine to pull the tree together, then drive a (in my case) 2 foot stainless steel rod through the tree and bolt each end. worked great! This one was done 4 years ago, and the tree just keeps growing