Sunday, August 28, 2005

Yuppies have no taste

A couple of weeks ago I was reading this blog about yuppie lawyers in Manhattan. In this one entry it mentioned that they all have Stella Artois beer in their fridge. Hmm...not a beer I had heard of. Not that I am a connoisseur, but with Doug's brewing I've grown a small interest. Later that day I saw the beer advertised for sale at Central Market. You don't have to be a yuppie to shop there -- you could be a foodie or a granola and fit in nicely -- but if you are a yuppie in Austin, you divide your grocery shopping between there and Whole Foods.

The ad mentioned that Stella, as the yuppies seem to call it, is a Belgium beer. Interesting...Doug and Robert specialize in brewing Belgiums, but I hadn't heard of them talk about this beer. So I asked Doug about it. He was unfamiliar with the beer, but offered to make me a yuppie beer if my heart so desired. I did desire, just because I thought it would be cool to say you brewed something that folks paid $10 a six-pack for. I then asked Robert about it -- the beer was not listed under the Austin Homebrew recipes, but Robert suggested that if we took the beer to Forrest at AHS, he could create a recipe. "But Dara, you need to try it first to see if you like it before we go to the trouble brewing it for you," Robert warned. Point taken. I swore up and down to Doug that I liked the Czech Pilsner Urquell, until he made a keg and I hated it.

Yesterday we were at Central Market buying Hatch chiles and Doug suggested we buy a six pack of Stella. We did and today when Doug and I were transferring our peach wine to the secondary fermentation, we opened a bottle of Stella. Not only does this beer not taste like any of the Belgiums that the guys brews, it basically has no taste. None. It's somewhat like a Heineken, but with even less taste. And this is coming from a girl who a year ago wouldn't drink anything heavier than a Coor's Light. What a year, and a significant other turned brewer, does to a person. Oh well, no more yuppie beer for me, because after all, I do have taste.

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