Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Would you watch tv on your cell phone?

I purposely kept quiet about my clients this summer, but I wanted to share this story from yesterday's Austin American-Statesman about watching tv on your cell phone. Varsity Media Group develops tv, online and now mobile content/programming for teens. In fact 85% of their content is created by teens -- now a lot of high schools have multimedia production facilities and Varsity gives these teens an outlet to showcase their work. Getting the paper interested in Varsity's story and working with the reporter and photographer for this story was one of the last things I did for the agency and client this summer. After working on the account all summer, and the fact they were pretty cool clients, I am pretty excited the story got such good coverage. I'm also a little sad that I had to leave the account to go back to school, although the account was left in great hands and there was no way I could have added one more thing to my plate this semester. Clients and technology like this reminds me why I like doing PR. Of course there are clients that remind me why I wanted to go to school, but we don't talk about them. :-)

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