Friday, August 26, 2005

Beer & peanuts

For more than a year, Thursday night has been beer night. For awhile it was at Robert's house in Lago Vista -- a 45 minute drive with no traffic. When it was there, it was definitely the "he-man's woman-hater club," (think Little Rascals) with no women allowed. The men were allowed to bask in their testosterone and were happy to do so.

Then Robert moved to a much smaller place and beer night had to move over to Tom's house, also in Lago Vista. Being that Tom was married, it was no longer just guy's night. Still, it was a beer and chips nights and the guys were happy about it. Since I had class on Thursday nights I only went once, which was plenty.

Then Tom moved to Alabama; in the meantime Robert moved from Lago to Round Rock, and they had to find another place to brew, so naturally Doug offered up our house. I didn't mind, as in the spring I had an evening class and didn't get home until 7:30. I figure it gave us an excuse to keep the house in guest-clean mode. The only thing I minded was that I would come home from class and would be hungry. Robert, Doug explained, liked to eat early before he came over. Being a good host, I didn't want to cook or eat in front of him. Probably more evenings than he knew I picked up take-out or just starved until he left, which was usually about 9:30. I couple of times I couldn't wait and force-fed Robert just so I could have a bite.

Then came summer. "Robert, why do you eat so early, before you come here at 5?" I point-blank asked him. "Because Doug never has anything to eat but peanuts," was his answer. I informed him that was going to end and that he should not eat next week. Living up to my word, every week I would spend time cleaning, grocery shopping and cooking for the guys. Robert proclaimed he hadn't eaten so well in awhile. Eventually beer night became quite a party, with various guest attending each week. "Thursdays are the new Fridays!" my friend T would gleefully proclaim as she hoisted a pint. Many nights it was after 10:30 before the last guest left. We had a good time.

Then came back to school. Last night instead of being the hostess with the mostess at beer night, I was learning about instructional communication. I got out of class at 9:15, chatted with a classmate, and headed home, getting stuck in construction twice. It was 11 when I walked through the door. Of course beer night was going on in my absence. Being hungry I asked Doug what he made for dinner. "Beer & peanuts" he answered. Oh well, I guess beer night will go on without me.

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