Sunday, August 21, 2005

Party girl

It's Sunday morning although we've been up for a couple of hours, I'm dead tired. We were up way too late last night, but I couldn't sleep in, thanks to Dante thinking he needs to be on the bed and hogging the space. Because he's not supposed to be on the bed, he does this stealth thing where he waits until we are asleep and climbs up, climbing down just before we wake. You don't know when he is up there unless he's being a bed hog. Usually I can kick him a couple of times and he'll get so annoyed he'll go sleep on the couch (another place he's not supposed to sleep). This morning I kept kicking him only to find out later I was kicking Doug. I guess Dante got wise to the kicking scheme and decided to sleep on the other side of Doug instead of between us.

I'm feeling like a party girl this weekend, nothing but non-stop parties. It's like I'm in my early 20s again, only this time I can't stay up as long, can't sleep as late and am not even drinking that much.

Friday night Robert was having a cookout at his place in Lago Vista, on the north shore of Lake Travis. Pretty area but a long drive through Friday afternoon traffic. Coming home the traffic isn't bad but you have to be careful on the twisting, hilly roads. Robert took me for a ride on his motorcycle and we cooked prime rib. There were about 15 folks there and everyone had a good time.

Yesterday afternoon we went to our friend Tierney's house for a little cookout and swim in her pool. Gary & Tom were there as well. Tierney made it clear that what happens in the pool stays in the pool. :-) Seriously, nothing to report anyway except that she has this gorgeous pool and backyard that is almost tropical and Doug wants one just like it. Also Tom brought over this gadget that makes and dispenses homemade whipped cream and I want one of those. It is so much easier to use than your beaters to make whipped cream and so much more tasty than the store-bought stuff. Plus, you can just make a little dab. It always seems that the other ways I need just a bit and the rest spoils before it gets used.

We had to leave Tierney's because we had a third party to go to in a 24-hour period. Actually it was at the Zachary Scott Theatre where they were opening a new play, Shear Madness. We volunteered and worked the show and the party. While you do work your tail off (or at least some volunteers do) the parties can be fun. It was packed so we didn't see the show but we have vouchers to go back. Doug and I worked concession and were hustling drinks. During the second act we had to set up the champagne table and help get everything ready for the party. Doug single-handedly opened 70 bottles of champagne and they were all gone by the time we left at 12:30. In fact the party, or what was left of it, was still going on when we left, despite the fact that everything was cleaned up, put away and the caterers and other volunteers had long since left. Still, Doug and I stocked the concession cooler and the house managers found more champagne, so the party could have gone on until 2 a.m. We were just too tired to see the end of it.

I think we are going to take it easy today and we have stuff to do around the house. But first I might crawl back into bed for awhile because this party girl can't party like she did 10 years ago.

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