Thursday, May 19, 2005

I'm not a red toenail polish type of chick

Austin is so laid back that many times on the weekends if we are just running errands, I don't wear makeup and my hair is pulled back. Rewind to five and a half years ago in Dallas and I wouldn't go to the supermarket without my hair done. Last month I came to school dressed to go to work afterwards (and maybe a client meeting) and one of my officemates commented that they had never seen me with makeup on. That wasn't true as I generally wear makeup, but I just don't wear it heavy and many times don't wear lipstick to school.

Along with the more laidback Austin look, I don't do my nails. There are three reasons for this: 1. They look like crap when I do them myself; 2. The budget the last few years hasn't allowed for $15/week to get them done; and 3. I usually have the polish smeared or chipped before I'm home. It's hopeless.

The toes, on the other hand, have to get done in the summer. I think it's an unwritten rule in Texas that you can't wear sandals without painted toes, and you HAVE to wear sandals from April to October. In fact, a couple of years ago I went on a job interview to a PR agency and the VP apologized that her office smelled because she had just finished painting her toes.

Despite being inadept at fingernail painting, I can do an okay job with my toes. This morning I was putting up some shampoo I bought and showed Doug this cool new color I bought -- sort of a light pink/purple. "Isn't that what you are wearing now?" he asked, point to my toes. No, I am wearing a silver/purple. I couldn't believe he couldn't tell the difference. "What do you think?" I asked. "It's different," he answered.

For Doug, 'different' means non-conventional and he just isn't sure about the non-conventional. I'm sure he thinks most polish is red, and there is only about three shades. Now I had looked for a shade I heard people talking about on the radio; they said it was pretty cool and a year-round color, but when I found it, it was a dark red. I don't do red because that seems too dressy for me. If I thought my toes looked okay without polish, I wouldn't even wear any (and I don't during closed-toe shoe season). But it's summer and I wear sandals, so I have to wear polish.

"Well, I like it," I said turning around and putting up my polish. "I'm just not a red polish type of chick."

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Anonymous said... SHOULD be then! I just LOVE some white little feet wearing red toenails...yummmmm...........dare, with good taste...I'm assure you men will love it! Kisses.