Sunday, May 01, 2005

Happy birthday Eeyore & Doug!

If you didn't know it, yesterday in Austin was the annual Eeyore's Birthday Party celebration. If you want to read about the party, check out today's Austin American Statesman.

The party started the year Doug was born. Austinites love a reason to have a party and 42 years ago a UT professor decided that we should all celebrate Eeyore's birthday, because, after all, Eeyore always complained that everyone forgot his birthday. Ever since then, it has remained a bastion of counter-culture (read hippie fest), complete with a drum circle.

This photo of Doug and Eeyore, while appropriate as they both celebrated their birthdays this weekend, was not taken at Eeyore's Birthday Party; it is from our trip to Disney World in January.

Happy Birthday Guys!
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Anonymous said...

This may not be a birthday photo, but still looks good to me.