Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Today the Governor signed legislation allowing Texans to buy out-of-state wine online. This makes me happy. Before today if we wanted to purchase special wines from California or elsewhere, we'd have to go to a local wine store and have them order it. Not only is that a hassle, but you have to make it worth their while, so one or two bottles wouldn't do. Now it makes it much easier if we are traveling and find a wine we like, we can order it and have it shipped direct to us. Or if there is something unique we want, we can order it on



Anonymous said...

But I thought it was a federal law that prevents alcohol from being transported across state lines? Wouldn't the feds have something to say about this?

On the other hand, this might be a good thing if I want to buy Missouri beer which is probably in short supply here in Texas.

dquack said...

There is no law. For the 9 months I lived in Benton County, Ark., my options were to drive 20 minutes north to Missouri or 20 mintues south to Fayetteville to buy beer. If it was Sunday, I had to drive to Missouri. Eventually I decided to move to Fayetteville and drive 30 minutes north to work.

And have you ever tried Missouri beer? 3.2 beers sucks. Of course, Doug brews 12.2 beer...


PitBullJim said...

And have you ever tried Missouri beer? 3.2 beers sucks.

Missouri beer isn't 3.2 beer. At least it wasn't when I lived there...

Missouri beer was 5.0 and Kansas beer was 3.2%.

There was always the debate that one was % by weight and one was % by volume... I can't remember which was what or if it even mattered.

Anyway, why did Missouri beer suck again