Monday, May 09, 2005

Thar' she blows!

Ba-bang-bang bang!! We were on the couch, getting ready to watch CSI on TiVo when we heard this loud noise. "What the hell...?" Doug asks as the dogs jump up. Ba-bang-bang!! "I think it's coming from the washing machine, like something is falling," I say, thinking either the ceiling is falling or Dexter had snuck in there. Doug opens the door to the washroom.

Ba-bang! "I bet it's the beer," Doug says, as he closes the door to the unharmed washroom. We go look. Sure enough, the closet o' beer is dripping wet. Several of his bottled beers blew their tops, breaking a few more. All told, about a half dozen 22 oz beers were destroyed. The beer closet reeks and there are glass shards.

Probably a victim of the humidity. It's been looking like rain for days and the humidity is killer.

Guess he'll just have to make another batch to make up for the ruined beer.

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