Saturday, May 14, 2005


Last night was the May Women of Wine (WOW) dinner and wine tasting. The theme was fine wine and learning how to rate wines like a sommelier. Although the wines were rated between an 89-95, I have to say that I didn't like them. The speaker kept saying that we should rate them on their merit and not on whether we like it. I was disappointed, though. Doug loves to fine highly rated wines at reasonable prices and I think the stuff he picks are better than the ones we had last night. However, I did like the champagne -- Domaine Chandon, Blanc de Noirs. We usually buy Moet & Chandon, but it's more than double the price of this inexpensive cousin. The Opolo Shiraz was good as well, but I've had better at a few dollars less.

Still, the night was good and it was great to see everyone. Gary finally came with Tom to his first tasting. Val and Erin from work, and their significant others, were there as well. They seemed to have a good time. Marlene and Gaye were both there and they seemed to be doing well -- both ladies are breast cancer survivors. And the food, as always was fabulous!

Next WOW is June, either 10th or 11th -- most of the folks are pushing for the 11th because Friday nights after work are so difficult to make it. We are doing Italy. I haven't decided if I want to do my tiramisu or my pasta bolognese. Both recipes receive raves.


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