Saturday, April 16, 2005

WOW -- What an evening!

Last night was the first event of the season for the Women of Wine and the Men Who Adore Them (WOW for short) and it was good. It is a dinner and wine tasting; each person is to bring one bottle of one of the designated wines, and each couple is to bring a dish to share. Last night was a tour of France and Jack Armstrong of Eclipse Distributing was our guest speaker. Maybe I can get Doug to write about his thoughts of the wine and the event.

I have to say that the wine hit me hard. Probably I was just exhausted from the week and partly because I had eaten little that day. For some reason I think that folks had more trouble preparing these dishes than at other events. Not sure if it was because it was French or because it was Friday (I think we have better food on Saturday events when folks have all day to cook). Claudia served wild boar that her son shot and it was excellent. The desserts were chocolate decadence. However, I think that the side dishes left something to be desired; most of the vegetables I tried were undercooked. I was also surprised that for the starters that there wasn't more cheese. Doug bought a chicken/pork mousse/pate at Whole Foods and it was great, but very few people ate it. I don't know if it was because it was so rich, or if people were scared of eating it. I noticed the other pates had similar issues.

Our friends Debbie & Ray joined us for the first time and they had a blast. Tom was there as well and he WOWed everyone -- I have even gotten emails already from folks who said how much they adore him. Gary has yet to make a WOW event and I think everyone is starting to wonder if Tom really is gay and in a long-term relationship. Actually, they probably don't wonder about the being gay, but they do doubt the existence of Gary.

The rest of this weekend will be spent on my paper for Mass Media & Society. Three weeks, three papers, one test (not cumulative) and one killer final until the end of the semester. But who is counting?


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