Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Stop the insanity!

Paper presentation went well last night. Several folks made comments after, and many more asked questions during.

Test Thursday, final Tuesday, final research paper due Thursday. I feel so behind in studying for my Thursday test. I feel somewhat behind on my paper, but not really. It's half written, and I've run most of the statistics. I won't know what else I need to run until I start studying for my test (since my test is on statistics). The difficult part is understanding the statistics, and I can always ask the prof on Monday to look over it and see if I have that section correct.

I started going down my (mental) day planner aloud today after class on when I could get together with someone to work on something and I think I made their head hurt. It's all good, though. Just crazy at the moment. In a week and a half, I will be fine.

Things are speeding up at Blanc & Otus as well (not that it wasn't frantic to start with). It's good, just busy. Met another client today, Varsity TV. They are a channel for teens, with original programming they create as well as programming and content that teens create. They also have teen-created content on their site. It's real edgy and I like it.

Oh yeah, on top of everything, Doug's birthday is Sunday. That has barely crossed my mind.

Need to crash,

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