Friday, April 29, 2005

The countdown continues...

One week, one final, one paper -- woo-hoo. I had my last test in Research Methods last night and got a 95%, my highest score yet on one of her tests. I'm feeling confident on my paper in there; I just have to get it done this weekend. If I do, she'll review the results section with me on Monday or Tuesday so I can see if I'm missing anything and that I've read my data correctly.

I also have to prep for Tuesday's final in Weill's class. She gave us a list of 15 essay questions, from which she'll pick six for us to write. She says no one will ace the test, but on the other hand, she says I don't really have to worry. However, the questions are complicated and I know she is looking for answers this time, not opinion, so I am worried. Maybe I won't be once I start pulling everything together this weekend.

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