Thursday, April 07, 2005

News on the Job Front

I have a summer job, although it's starting early -- like tomorrow. Last year I interviewed with a PR firm, Blanc & Otus. This is a subsidiary of Hill & Knowlton, one of the biggies. At one time the B&O Austin office was Socket PR, which was very similar to Springbok, the firm I worked with. It seemed that our two firms kept switching clients all the time. Anyway, I really liked the folks at B&O -- it felt like I was talking to old friends, not interviewing. But they decided they needed a more junior-level person at that time (which had been what I thought). At the same time I was offered a graduate assistantship so that's what I decided to do. We said we'd keep in touch.

During Spring Break I contacted the office to see if they needed summer help. Turns out one of their account supervisors is going on maternity leave this summer, and they thought they could use me. We didn't work out details, but knew we would go forward.

This morning I got a call from the VP. Unfortunately the girl I was going to take over for has been ordered to bed rest for the next two weeks. The VP wanted to know if I could have some hours. I know it's tight with the end of the semester, but since I really want to work there (if possible) after I graduate, I looked at my schedule and decided I could do it. I start tomorrow.

In addition, Doug had a really great phone interview today. This is a contract with Northrup Grummond. He had a phone interview with the person over project management for the entire southern region several weeks ago. She was impressed and forwarded him to the second round of interviews, but the business side manager decided to hire the first guy he interviewed without talking to anyone else. However, the regional lady liked Doug and when she had another opportunity, she wanted to give him a shot. He interviewed with the business side owner today and thought it went well. It looks to be a 12-15 month contract.

Keep your fingers crossed for Doug and wish me survival until the end of the semester!


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