Friday, April 01, 2005

Busy weekends for good causes

Next Friday night is the Relay for Life event I'm participating in with my classmates. This week we held a two-day bake sale at school and raised more than $500 for our team. Counting both my online and offline donations, I am $25 short of my personal fundraising goal, but think I will make it. I appreciate everyone who has donated thus far. If you want to donate, visit this Web site.

Tomorrow is the Sunrise Soiree, the preview party for the Austin Fine Arts Festival. My friend Paula and I were in charge of the entertainment. It was fun working with Paula, and wasn't hard getting entertainers to do it for free, but it was difficult that I couldn't make one meeting because of class. I'm thinking next year I may opt not to participate, at least until I'm done with school. It will be a difficult decision, as I've done it for four or five years now.

In two weeks is the first 2005 wine tasting for The Women of Wine and the Men Who Adore Them (sorry, no Web site). Okay, so this isn't charity, but it's a lot of fun and I am the VP, Corresponding Secretary of the group (a title Paula gave me to make me feel important).

The following weekend we are volunteering at the Paramount Theatre for Red, White and Tuna, a hilarious look at life in a small west Texas town. We just love the Greater Tuna trilogy and haven't seen this production in several years. That same weekend is the opening of the new show at the Zachary Scott Theatre and I am sure we will be working that as well. That show is about Hank Williams.

With all of this, I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish all my class work. Just five more weeks (and three big papers) until the end of the semester. Yikes!


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