Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I'll have an order of Fried Virgil

As I wrote Saturday, a diving pig died Friday performing at the Star of Texas Rodeo. Come to find out, Big Red was electrocuted. He was part of the Randall's High Diving Racers show, a touring show of pigs that jump off a diving board into a tank of water. There was a faulty ground wire and when Big Red stepped on the ramp to leave the pool of water he became bacon. PETA is now blaming Virgil and Velma for the death of the pig, while according to an article in today's paper, Virgil and Velma plan to sue the rodeo and PETA. In fact Velma got a shock while pulling the other pig out of the water by the ear. Virgil said he wanted to jump in and save Big Red by providing mouth-to-mouth, but had to wait until the electricity was cut off. My favorite quote of the article was Virgil, "It's just lucky that my wife's alive and I am, too, because if I'd jumped in there right away, you'd be looking at fried meat."

If that's not funny enough, check out the ads at the bottom of the article. There's one for pig snouts and another for meat processing. Hilarious!



Anonymous said...

Those poor Arkansas pigs. We treat our pigs much better in Mississippi!

The article/ads should be sent to Jay Leno or something. That's too funny.

PitBullJim said...

Awww... poor piggy:

dquack said...

Small, you are one sick individual.