Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Summer is on the way

On the drive home from school this afternoon I noticed the jumbotron at a local car dealership said it was 88 degrees. The Weather Channel has current Austin temperature at 85. I know in just a few short weeks it will be in the 90s, with the 100s not far behind. How anyone decided to settle in Texas prior to air conditioning, I'll never know.

I checked the weather in Little Rock and it's in the 70s. Doug's hometown of Chillicothe, MO is 56 degrees. I guess that's why his parents love to come visit.

Anyway it's nice now, although inside it's a bit stuffy in the house even with all the windows open. Dexter is loving it because all the birds are back in our trees and noisy; he sits in the open windows and thinks diabolical thoughts about what he would do if he were allowed to roam outside.

All those environmentalists who talk about the air quality of Texas being bad, must only have visited Houston. Today the sky here is bright blue, reminding me of the color of Chris and Stacey's bedroom when we were growing up. There is not a cloud in the sky and you feel like you can see for miles, straight into the atmosphere and outer space.

The only thing that would make the day better would be to be sitting on a deck overlooking the lake, drinking a margarita. But alas, as a grad student, I have work to do and about one month -- and three large papers -- left in the semester.


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