Sunday, March 20, 2005

A good laugh

Several days ago Doug posted a comment in this blog about being a metrosexual. Of course, it was joke, as anyone who knows Doug knows that he is hopelessly straight, despite the fact that one of our friends keeps trying to convert him because if he succeeds, that friend will earn that big screen television.

Today we went to see the musical Aida at the Zachary Scott Theatre. We had volunteered ushered at a previous performance and didn't get to see it then, so we came back. After the show we were talking to one of our (gay) friends who works at the Zach and I mentioned Doug's metrosexual comment. Krag and I both just started laughing hard, and kept it up for five minutes. We would look at Doug, look at each other, say the word "metrosexual" and laugh harder. I laughed so hard I almost tripped over a garbage can. Doug just stood there trying to explain.

Of course, on the way home I popped in my original cast recording of the Broadway musical Avenue Q, and Doug was getting into it, so one can wonder...


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