Saturday, January 07, 2006

Busy week

I apologize for no postings this week. Last weekend we traveled to Dallas to celebrate the new year with my family. My parents were in town visiting my sister Chris. We had Christmas with the girls. Doug and I bought them a game table, where they can play fusbol, ping pong, shuffle board and pool. The girls seemed to really like it and when Kelsey got back from a New Year Eve's party, she started putting it together. I think mom also liked her gifts.

For New Year's Eve, we just hung out at my sister's house. Chris & Mark, mom & Lauren, and Doug & I played Cranium. It was fun, especially when Lauren kept picking categories where she would have to act, sing or perform, and she would proceed to ask, "will I know this?" I really just prefer a low key New Years. We either stay home and do something like have a dinner and movie night (like cooking my special pasta bolognese and watching The Godfather) or we have a few friends over or go over to a friend's house. I have never understood going out to some place that is incredibly packed to pay a premium. I would rather go to that same place a week later when it's not so crowded or expensive. I'm the same with Valentine's Day.

For New Years day, my other sister, Stacey, and her fiance flew to Dallas and we all went to the Cowboys game. The game was okay -- it would have been more interesting if the Redskins hadn't won earlier that day. Unfortunately I left my camera at the stadium and no one turned it in. I have my camera phone, but my Canon was pretty nice. Plus we hadn't downloaded the holiday photos.

This week I have been doing work at Blanc & Otus, the PR firm I worked at this summer. I've been helping with some research, particularly blog research. I think I must have reviewed 2 million blogs this week (okay, not that much, but still enough that I don't want to come home and get online). I still have some more work to finish up for them this week.

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