Friday, January 27, 2006

Wrangling up some football

Doug's parents are visiting this weekend. Tonight we had dinner at Threadgill's, an Austin landmark. We went to the north location and Jim got a kick out of eating at one of Janis Joplin's old hang outs.

Tonight we attended the season opener of the Austin Wranglers, the local arena football team. They played Las Vegas. Besides being indoors, the field is half the size and there are only 8 players on the field. The game is much faster and the scores are a lot higher -- tonight's score was 64 to 46, Wranglers. Go Wranglers! These games are a lot of fun, it's almost a cross between football and hockey. Like hockey, the players are slammed against the boards on the sidelines. Also like hockey, there is a lot of fun and games and audience interaction -- sumo wrestling, races, fun-loving mascots and folks throwing t-shirts to audience members. The game isn't taken too seriously.

After the game, we stopped at Amy's Ice Cream on Guadalupe. It was a sweet way to end the evening.

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