Friday, October 21, 2005

Who do Sudoku?

It seems as though the French family has gotten caught up in a craze, and Doug and I have become a part of it. A few weeks ago Doug's mom emailed us that Aunt Margaret had gotten into sudoku puzzles and told Doug's dad about it. His dad bought a few books and was hooked. Doug's mom thought Doug might like it. Doug, ever looking for another hobby, downloaded a few puzzles; when he found an online electronic version, I got hooked.

Sudoku is a puzzle with a series of boxes, numbered 1-9. A few numbers are filled in, and you have to deduce the rest. I like the electronic version because I know right away if I made a mistake or not. It's like crosswords, but with numbers.

An article in Yahoo today said that Sudoku is really taking off and the books are selling like crazy. Nice to know we are trendy in something.

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