Sunday, October 02, 2005

Fall Sundays

I really think fall is Doug's favorite time of the year. Not because of the cooler weather (meaning 92 instead of 102 degrees), not because of all the various activities, but because of football. Specifically NFL football. I think he would allow me to be in grad school indefinitely if it meant that I would leave him alone on Sundays. Somehow he can watch five or more games on any given Sunday, and what he doesn't watch on Sunday, he watches later during the week.

He has this ritual where he gets up Sunday mornings and reviews the games and the players. Then he makes his picks for the various fantasy leagues he's in. Then comes the noon kick-off. Later in the fall, when the weather is right, he'll cook chili to go along with the game. I'm usually in the other room, studying away, but I can tell when one of his players scores, as I can hear the cheers. He'll watch the games most of the afternoon and then go play poker in the evening, remembering to set the DVR for the night game. After poker, he'll come home and stay up a bit to watch one of the games. Monday nights I have class and inevitably when I come home, he's watching Monday Night Football. At least by that time he's willing to pause the game to spend time with me.

I think some women might get upset at their S/Os for spending so much time with football, but I don't mind. As it is, I'm busy and I actually look forward to Sundays myself. At least if he's busy watching football I don't have to feel guilty spending all day with the books.

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