Thursday, October 27, 2005

Making headway on my thesis

Not sure how, but I have a bit of time to breathe this week. This means I have was able to finish and post my survey for my thesis. The survey examines the reliance on the Internet as a source of news and information. This survey will take less than 10 minutes; if you could take it, it would really help in completing my thesis.

What would be most helpful, however, is if you could forward this survey to people that you know, people in your address book, and mailing lists that you might be a part of. The issue of doing surveys regarding the Internet is that there is no centralized database of Internet users. As such, the academic community generally conducts what is called the "snowball technique" with these types of surveys -- basically asking people to forward the survey on to others. The fact that I don't know who you send it to, and that it can go anywhere, allows this survey to be more random. However, this only works if you forward it to others, and ask the people you send it to do the same.

All responses will remain confidential; I will not know who takes the survey.

I appreciate your assistance with this.

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