Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The mysterious case of the disappearing mouse

If you think you have someone on your list that's tough to buy gifts for, try finding something for a cat. Dexter is 12 years old and in that time has received maybe three toys that he likes. Then again, what do you expect, he is a cat.

Yesterday he received a leopard-patterned mouse with refillable catnip. This actually interested him. Or at least the kitty version of crack did. He went wild with the mouse, until, of course, he got bored (he is a cat, after all).

Last night Dexter was on the bed and I was playing with him with the catnip mouse. He who usually likes to stay at the edges of the bed, was actually between us. After awhile, I got bored playing with Dexter (because he is cat). I placed the mouse on my nightstand, read for a little bit, then turned off the lights and went to bed.

This morning I decided we should play with Dexter for a bit, so I went to grab him and the mouse. Only the mouse was no where to be found. I searched the nightstand, behind the nightstand, next to the night stand, and under the bed. No mouse. Doug wondered if the dogs got the mouse, but I figured they couldn't because it was behind the clock and if they had, there would be mouse guts all over the bedroom. I figure that Dexter climbed on my nightstand in the middle of the night and stole his mouse. Why? Because he's a cat.

Nine hours later and the mouse has not been found. I've checked out Dexter's usual haunts and there is no sign of a mouse. The mouse is gone. As for Dexter's other Christmas toy, this thing that looks like a it has a fly fishing lure at the end and spins, he's totally ignored it. It will spin around him, hitting him in the head, and he doesn't move. He is, after all, a cat.

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