Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Is this Austinite for real?

Last week I blogged about the hilarious 88-year old Austinite, Gladys Hardy, who was on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Today in her blog, Diane Holloway discusses how Gladys might not be real. Not only can she not track down Gladys, she points out that it is fairly suspicious that Gladys has a MySpace page and her own Web site.

Not being one to spread hoaxes, if it turns out that Gladys is a fake, I apologize for posting her clip. Still, I do find it funny, as must a lot of people given that the traffic to my blog has increased 1,000% due to people searching for the video clip. The joke may be on all of us, but at least it was a funny joke.


Jeff Etheredge said...

Sounds like Joe Sears from Greater Tuna to me.

Anonymous said...

I agree--who cares whether Gladys is really an 88 year old woman in Austin? This is hilarious and has given many people real belly laughs--which isn't always easy to do these days!!
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe this woman's a hoax by any means. Just check out her myspace. Her daughter is the one who created it. This woman is hilarious and should not be hidden in Austin. Her daughter is putting her out there for everyone to enjoy and myspace is the best way to do it. Nothing suspicious about that. Take a visit to her website and leave a comment. She'll more than likely comment back. If nothing else listen to her commentaries on KLBJ radio. What a hoot she is!

Anonymous said...

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