Friday, June 10, 2005

Scooby Dooby Doo

I'm driving home from work, thinking about nothing really, but going over my grocery list in my mind. I look up and parked on a side street is a pickup truck with someone in a big brown dog suit is in the back. "Is that Scooby Doo?" I wonder. Scoob is waving so I wave back. As I pass, I remember I have a camera phone now and think about turning around and taking a photo, but decide against it and keep driving.

A block or two later I see the Mystery Machine, the van that Scooby's pals drove on the show. It's parked at a gas station and looks empty. Now I've seen this van around town before, but given the Scooby sighting, I find this curious. This time I turn around and snapped this photo. I continue back up the road in hoping to find Scooby to take his picture, but by now Scoob and the pickup are gone. As I turn back around, heading home, I realize that in Austin the only thing strange about this incident is that Shaggy was no where to be found. Posted by Hello

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