Sunday, June 19, 2005

Experimenting with mobility

If you've noticed, my past few posts have been a bit different. They have been a bit shorter and the photos weren't as good. They have also had issues with capitalization and in the case of the cows entry, boring. This is because I've been experimenting with mobile blogging or moblogging. This is where you can post photos and/or text to blogs via your cellphone. As long as you have a cellphone, you no longer need a computer to blog.

My opinion on moblogging is mixed. I like the idea of being out and if there is a photo or something you want to post, you can do it. However, I much prefer a keyboard to a keypad. It's easier to type a message than it is to text a message. As to the photos from my camera phone, they leave a lot to be desired. Still, I felt that in studying blogs, I need to experience moblogging. Supposedly the next advance in blogging is video blogging, or vlogging, but Blogger doesn't provide that yet.

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