Sunday, October 05, 2008

Poor baby

My dog, Allegra, has allergies. This time of the year she's miserable. This year seems worse than normal. To keep her from scratching herself to pieces, we put on a t-shirt and a cone. It hasn't worked, so today we added booties.


Anonymous said...

We had to do that with our Tillie, too. She's better now.

Unc in Cal

Terrie Brooks said...

too bad they don't have anti histamines for animals.
i've heard an add on radio for some sort of paste to give animals with skin issues.
my cats didn't have it but i gave them the cat formula for dander and overall digestive/skin health since the same cells on the skin line the digestive tract.
squamous cells~
DINOVITE... heard it's good.
poor little one.
sufferers of this ... good she has you and that it is seasonal, not all year if it cannot be helped. i am sure you may have even tried this dynovite or likeness thereof.
take care.