Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lights, Camera, Heart Ball!

Last night was the annual Heart Ball for the American Heart Association. The theme this year was the Hearts of Hollywood, with a 1940s supper club look and feel to the party. As communication chair, I developed the branding and positioning for the Ball. We've been working on the Ball since May, so everyone was glad it finally arrived and went well.

I didn't get the final count, so I don't know how much we raised. There was both a live and a silent auction, dinner and dancing. There were lots of things to bid on, so my bowl didn't go for much -- just $60 and a friend bought it. I think my highlight of the evening was watching a film a student made, and hearing everyone comment after. The student brought her mother from Port Arthur, Texas and you could tell how proud her mother was of her. Once of my friends said she thought I got a tv station to produce it. That made the student and her mother smile.

Below are photos of us as we were about to leave the house. Isn't Doug handsome in his tux?

Here's me in my dress. Isn't it great? I got a lot of compliments on it.

Amy, my hairdresser, did my hair in a 1940s style updo. I'm always afraid that my hair will fall, but Amy made sure it didn't.

Doug and I did get our photo taken together by a professional photographer, so if we like it, we'll buy it and post it. Some of my students were volunteers and they took photos as well. I hope at least one of Doug and I together looks good and I can post it.


Anonymous said...

Dara, you look great. Are you sure that's Doug? He's way too handsome to be Doug.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog and the photos. I can't imagine Jim being willing to get into a tux.


Anonymous said...

G-g-g-gorgeous! You looked great, too, Dara! ha ha ha VERY pretty. I loved your dress and your hair. What a couple of lookers!

Your bowl was worth way more than $60! What a steal.

Auntie M.