Monday, August 27, 2007


From this weekend's Miss Teen USA pageant. If Miss South Carolina's answer is any indication, it's pretty obvious why one-fifth of Americans are clueless.


dquack said...

BTW, it's not just this girl. I just came back from FedEx/Kinkos where I shipped a phone charger to Doug, who is in Canada this week on business. "I need to get this to Canada by tomorrow," I said, placing the charger on the counter. The guy working the counter handed me a form. I looked at it and asked if the standard domestic form he handed me worked when I was shipping internationally. "You're shipping internationall?" he asked? I replied that the last time I checked, Canada was NOT in the US.

Go figure.

Unknown said...

LMAO. Thats so funny cause when I saw your email in my BlackBerry I couldnt see the clip but I thought to myself, "I should send her the clip of Miss Teen USA" LMAO