Sunday, December 31, 2006

Queen of Austin Magnet

Leslie, the homeless transvestite and former mayoral candidate, is the epitome of how Austin keeps it weird. Now, with the help the Queen of Austin magnets, you can dress Leslie in the outfit of your choosing. Today, Leslie is dressed in a denim mini, tiara, a pageant sash and is carrying Lone Star beer.

We originally saw these during a white elephant gift exchange. When we didn't end up with them, we bought a set at Book People. Stay tuned for other interesting outfits.


Sean Claes said...

This is fantastic! You say you got it at Book People?

Having the magnet is a much nicer alternative to having the real thing in your home... I took a picture with Leslie a few years ago... wow... it didn't register in my mind that he was really a homeless person until I put my arm around him and caught the smell...

I miss him and the preacher of 6th and Congress having their "religious discussions."

dquack said...

Yes, we got it at Book People for about $15. Funny thing is, one friend brought it to a white elephant gift exchange, we bought one and a third friend received one for Christmas. It's quite the gift this season!