Monday, October 16, 2006

Bits and pieces

I have been very remissed in posting lately. Time is flying by so fast. It's hard to believe it's mid-October and midterms. It's also hard to believe it's mid-October and we are still running our air conditioning. We actually had it off for a few days late last week, but the past few days have been extremely muggy. We have had some rain, but not to the extent of Houston and Dallas.

Better than my folks, though. They are in Hawaii right now. They are okay, but they definitely felt the earthquake.

Biggest issue we've been facing at our house is with our good car. It broke down on me Tuesday as I was leaving campus. Had to get it towed to a place in San Marcos. It's hard enough being without a car, it's even worse when the car is 45 miles away. It was the timing belt, other belts and other things. They are all fixed now and everything is okay.

Doug has been playing online poker recently, some cash games and some tournaments. He's doing well enough to pay for the car repairs and then some. Guess this is his last hurrah before the online anti-gambling law goes into effect.

The monthly Women of Wine party was this weekend. We had a New Zealand feast. Everyone seemed to have a great time. Sunday we attended another birthday party at Stubb's. Different gospel group, but they were good. Like last time, the food was mediocre at the best.

Speaking of mediocre, that would be a kind way to describe my Fantasy Football team. They are sucking wind and I'm about to give up on them. I've done so many trades and played so many ways, Doug says I've got a decent team. However, it looks like I'll finish Week 6 at 2-4. This week I benched Joe Horn (NO - WR). First 5 weeks he scored a combined total of 14 fantasy points. I was ready to get rid of him, but instead, just benched him. Yesterday, while he was benched, he scored 17 points. Go figure! Hines Ward (Pit - WR) hasn't been much better. Of course, the receivers who played for me yesterday only earned a combined 3 points.

Not much else going on. At least now everyone is caught up.

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