Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Chocoholics in the house

This weekend we had my (1 week) belated graduation party. The special treat was the chocolate fountain, provided by Austin caterer/personal chef, Cindy Feyereisen of Pretty Dishes. She is one of the best dessert chefs in Austin, and has done several cakes for me, all works of art. The chocolate fountain, however, was unique, interesting and quite fun.

Cindy brought the usual stuff, including strawberries, pretzels and nuts, but then she added unique flair. For one thing, she served kiwi on the tray. Kiwi and chocolate, who’d a thunk it? And dried pineapple chunks – yum! She also served a variety of spices that you could add to your chocolate-covered dreams – several kinds of chili powders, espresso, citrus salt, and a Chinese five-spice. It was absolutely to die for.

As you can tell from the photo, she did a wonderful job with the presentation. What you can’t tell, as they were cropped out, was how all the party guests just loved the fountain. All of us seemed to be chocoholics. My friend Mary said she wanted to do one for her birthday party this weekend. Luckily, Cindy was available, although Mary’s roommate is keeping the fountain a secret. Pretty Dishes is just starting to add the chocolate fountain as a party option, but it should be a success. I just hope Cindy doesn’t get too busy where I can’t hire her in the future. Maybe Doug and I should go ahead and plan our Christmas party now so I can book Cindy before the holiday season.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm so glad I wasn't at your party, although I do celebrate your graduation! Congratulations on finishing that degree!!!

I hope you live long enough to enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

So now you have to update your "First there was Dara..." intro to the blog! You're no longer taking classes but teaching them! Good for you! I'm glad you had your friends over to celebrate what must have seemed an accomplishment a long time coming! It deserved a grand celebration. Hang in there, and you'll reap so many rewards from teaching (even better ones than a parking space on campus!)
Auntie M.