Sunday, May 07, 2006

Keeping Austin weird

Everyone needs to do their part to keep Austin weird. Today we were at the Pecan Street Festival, which is held on 6th Street. In fact, there is no Pecan Street in Austin, although there is one in Pflugerville. Actually, the naming of the streets in Austin seems to help keep Austin weird, but I digress.

We were hanging out at the Pecan Street Festival and saw this metallic man. Not sure what he was doing dressed in silver from head to toe, but in Austin you really don't need a reason to do something off-beat. Off-beat is normal in Austin, while normal is strange. Still, he didn't seem to be pushing an agenda, selling a product or promoting a concert. He just was there, no more. Maybe that's the reason we like the festival so much, you can see so many unusual things.


Anonymous said...

Sixth street used to be named Pecan Street - just a little history for you!
I believe most of the number streets downtown at one time had other names.

dquack said...

Actually, I knew that. It just takes too long to explain it. I still want to know why Mo-Pac is Loop 1 when there is no loop. :-)

Austin Irrigation & Landscaping said...

I think they first intended it to be a loop. It is named Mopac Expressway (or, according to some highway signs, Mopac Boulevard) after the Missouri Pacific Railroad (or "MoPac").

If and when Texas 45 is completed to the south of Austin, Loop 1 will effectively serve as a true loop to the west of the city, being directly connected to Texas 45, and indirectly to I-35, at both ends.

Anonymous said...

that silver chap looks like some of the street performers i'd see in new orleans. i'm surprised we haven't seen more acts show up on our streets.