Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Last lecture of the semester

Today was my last lecture of the semester. Like yesterday, I was teaching my MW class about blogging and other trends and issues in PR. All that is left now is the last test and finals. I know the students are looking forward to the semester break.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dara,
It feels kinda weird calling you Dara seeing how you were my professor this semester and all, but your last name is kinda lengthy, lol! Anyhow I clicked on your link to see my ugly picture and then began to read several of your posts. It's funny how even when your a teacher and a student you can sympathize more with your students (it seems that way, anyway). Well I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed having you as a teacher this semester and I also wanted to let you know that your "objectives" were an awesome way in narrowing down material. I think you can officially pat yourself on the back for completing a great first semester of teaching, oh...and sorry that our class was a little on the "snooze scale." Getting home from class @ 5:30 to rush to work @ 6 kinda sucks, (in my case). Anyway best of luck in all you do and hopefully we'll see each other from time to time.
Marty L.
M/W class

I took your survey awhile back hope it helps...and for the record, this is also the first time I ever post anything on a blog. Scary?